The Beginning By Shaun Walton

I started running in February 2012 in a time when i had quit playing football and wanted to find a new, interesting and more rewarding hobby to have in which keeps me healthy, in good shape and have the desire to achieve in. It was actually my stepdad Paul Stevens who recommended and mentioned to me about running, reason being because he would usually watch me at my football matches and notice that i was probaly the only one on the pitch running backwards and fowards and springting ahead, thats where he got the idea from. At the time i’d obviously packed away football and got bored sitting at home not getting out there and taking part in a sporting activity. I was quite unsure at first whether to give it a go or not because before running i was very unkeen to try different activities such as cricket, golf etc. Anyway i said to myself try it and see, at least i gave it a go otherwise. I did however have some confidence of giving running a try because i use to run on the treadmill at the gym for about twenty minutes and would sometimes run round Upwood and be compeltly out of breath, so i have had some interest in running but at the time football is all i ever wanted to do but not anymore.

I remember the very first time i came down the club i was feeling nervous and shy because i’m going to be around adults and not having any idea about running. Anyway i got introduced to Adrain Graham and Jim Chandler and everyone else who was down the club that same evening asking me how far can i do or have i done before and my response was, ‘in your terms not far’, if so about 3 miles maximum i’ve done. I was told by Adrian and Jim i can give the normal 5 mile training run that the others do which leads to Bury and i thought “WOW” thats far out towards bury as i thinking to myself ‘Don’t think so’ or i can train with the juniors. I went for the unsure option and done the 5 mile run and as far as i can remember i ran it with Jim chandler and Emma Brewer who introduced me the route, into the route i said to Jim ” I think i can speed it up and go one ” and he replied back ” Just run straight down this road to the club house ” as it was along the last straight finish which is now commonly known as the sprint finish straight (Right Guys).¬† After the first run i was knackered 5 miles was a lot to me back then and got asked; would you come back down again? ‘I’ll see how i feel next week’ i replied. But i do remember Jim saying to the quicker runners ‘ Shaun will have to run with you guys next time, he’s too quick for me’ he said. This gave me some confidence and some desire to keep on trying running. As the weeks went on i kept on going down only run on the Monday and Wednesday training runs just to get me use to running and give myself plenty of time to recover. My friend Darren Paine who i met doing Boot Camp at the gym also joined in between those weeks to improve his running as he had already done some Half Marathons amongst 10k’s aswell. I got to meet many new great people and also take part in a race in i think was the 4th or 5th week of running which was the BRJ Frostbite Race round Huntingdon, i remember the day to be very wet but inside i was nervous, obviuosly because me first race but i think i was thinking about the whole run and result whether i will finish it or will have to stop and walk, but i got round it safely finishing the race in around 36 minutes which for was something i achieved well because it’s something i had never done¬† to be so surreal to me. The thing that was embarrassing for me was i had to wear an XL vest because that was all Adrian had at the time and it was like a tent round me and as you may know i’m not the biggest of chaps.

As the weeks and months went on, i kept on coming to training and sometimes some runs of my own on other days and aswell i competed in more races. I raced a few 10k’s getting around 42 minutes for them and doing more 5 mile races also getting one or two PB’S along way which where around 34 minutes which gave me so much inspiration and enthusiasm to push on and get better knowing that if i keep on pushing and trying i could aim for more goals and getting the results that i wish for. I can’t remember much more in my first few months of running in terms of training and perhaps racing but i do remember taking part in the Round Norfolk Relay in September 2012, those of you who don’t what the Round Norfolk Relay is, it’s a continues relay event which consists of 17 stages whith around fifty to sixty clubs around the country taking part in and each stage is ran by a runner from each club which mult terrain course’s along the sea side in daylight and along dark long roads at night and the whole event goes on for over 24 hours, which resulted me in following the event round. This event changed me not only as runner but as a person, it got me to know more about the other runners and boost my confidence around them, to know them more and them knowing me more as a person. I camped over on the Friday night along with most of the other runners and I remember the little incident with “The Man in a Bag” which the runners would know about and remember. As the event went away I was down for stage six which was 7.90 miles running from Cromer to Mundesley which i finished in around 55 minutes and finishing 13th overall on that stage, and I remember mostly the support I got from the other Ramsey Road Runners who cheered me on and made me feel happy whilst running the stage and it made me realise how much of a happy and wonderfull club Ramsey Road Runners is. Also many of the team follow the event from start to finishand condsidering the event takes over 24 hours to complete, this means going all through the night which means we only catch no longer than an hour’s sleep here and there, but we have such a great team spirit though, thats the fun of it.

Exactly a month late after Round Norfolk Relay I completed my first Half Marathon which was the Perkins Great Eastern Run in Peterbourgh and still remains to this day my favourite race, which for me was something I thought I would never do having been running for only 6 months prior to this. Having signing up to do this race a month before, I knew I would have to train hard for this race and my Mum and Stepdad were slightly unsure whether if i should do this race or not, they did say ‘If you can think you can run it give it a go’ and they did support me for it but i was struggling to find a training partner/partners or finding time to train by myself. A few members from the club such as Andrew Brett, Michelle Brett, Stephen Ashurst, Gavin Stokes and Simon Mead asked me and they also asked Darren Paine if we want to join them on sunday’s and do a long training run resulting in running off road, in the rain, cold or snow and we came along and started running witht them on the sunday runs which really helped me with my training and having the motivation and dedication to run more and it also got me, Darren and them to know us better. They helped me really well giving me some advice on how to pace the run and run your own race. As race day approached it was a hot sunny day in October and in the morning of the race I hadn’t felt so nervous or feel so sick before a race or a football match. As the race went away it took about 2 miles to settle in comfortably and to realise what I was about to tackle, the amount of runner there was so surreal to me and the crowd were amazing cheering every runner as they run by. As the finish line approaches i thought to myself “I’m actually gonna make it and complete the run” and i also thought “Go on sprint the last straight ” and i legged it overtaking 5 other runners along the way and the crossing the line in 1 hour 32 minutes and 16 seconds, which for me was such a credible time on my first half marathon and the whole gave loads of inspiration to run more half marathons and run more for the coming future and achieve greater results. I remember doing the St Neots Half Marathon a month after Peterbourgh half, this is why as said before peterbourgh inspired me to race more especially half marathons. At least i knew what to exspect from a half marathon just not with hills as St Neots half has alot of. Having had trained for this as well and having some idea of half marathons i managed to get a PB on only my second half marathon also with hills finishing it in 1 hour 31 minutes and 36 seconds, but i must admi i wouldn’t of done withount Andrew Brett who very kindly offered pace the run with me and i couldn’t of done without him which was good because it gave me an idea of how to pace half marathons and knowing i can go quicker.

As my first year of running come’s to an end i completed my first 10 mile race at Neve Valley 10 and i knew what to expect because i have trained and raced further than that distance and i finished that in 1 hour 9 minutes and 9 seconds which is good for your first attempt at a ten mile race. As 2012 came to an end i had achieved alot that i thought i would never do and achieve in a life time, i had made new friends as a result of it, i had more ambitions about running, i actually had set decent new years resolutions to achieve and i was really proud to have been awarded the Ramsey Road Runners mens most improved runner of 2012 and that personal achivement in my first year of running made me realise i’m going to be a runner for the rest of my life to achieve and experience alot of running related ambitions with years to come.

At the start of my second year of running i had entered to run Folksworth 15 at Yaxley and still at the age of 17 and still condsiderably new to running this was something i really had to thought about but i was told if you train well and hard there’s no other reason why not to run it unless i pick up an injury and can’t run it. So anyways i decided to do it and train well doing the sunday runs and extra miles before or after training or train on other days, so i can be physically and mentaly prepared to what looked to be serious undulating course i’m about to run here. I was proud to finish the race in 1 hour 50 minutes and so far and by far it was the hardest i had raced not because of the distance but because of the hills especially on the last hill on the second lap near the end but overall i did enjoy which for me was the most important factor and as well if brings me more experience and knowing what to expect next time. As the year went on i carried on running and enyoing it as much as ever, and training as always and of course racing like you always do. I managed to get some PB’S in the early months of 2013 such doing 10k in 40 mintues and 36 seconds at Eye 10K, getting a 5K PB Peterbourgh Grand Prix Series race 1 in a time of 18 minutes and 46 seconds i couldn’t seem to beat for a long time after that, however i didn’t get a 5 mile PB throughout the entire year having done a 5 mile Pb in Novemember 2012 at Bushfield Frostbite which was 32 mintues 23 seconds which again i couldn’t beat for a long time throughout the whole of 2013 in actual fact. That didn’t bother me too much in a way, i still enjoyed my running every week but there were points when i thought “Why can’t i beat any of these PB’S, is it in my head, my confidence or was i blown out too early”, it was strange. However i still enjoyed the team relay events Ramsey Road Runners took part in, the club took part in three events, early in the year was Hereward Relay, The Green Wheel Relay and the unique Round Norfolk Relay.

The Hereward Relay is a team event which consists of 4 runners in each team running round the Peterbourgh area and through Whittlesey and March. I ran stage one which is 6.5 mile, however i did it 43 minutes and unfortunately didn’t beat the stage record for our club which is 41 minutes 15 seconds which is currently and still held by Andrew Brett. The Green Wheel Relay was a new team event which consists of 7 stages in which Ramsey Road Runners entered two teams in 2013 and i rememeber that day being so hot. The first time i did it, i had done stage 3 which is 7.2 miles and was around the middle of the day and that’s when the heat and humidity kicked in and made so difficult for me and for sure for the other runners from the other teams. Darren Paine who was my cycle support on that stage backed me up on how hot and humid that stage but i was glad to finish it in 54 minutes 14 seconds and finish 2nd overall on that stage. But the highlight of the day was proudly annouced that Ramsey A the team i was in with Andrew Brett, Gavin Stokes, Stephen Ashurst, Darren Paine, Lisa Marriott and Michelle Brett were proud to to have won the event in a team of 5 hours 33 minutes and 41 seconds, what honourable moment that was for all of us. Round Norfolk Relay this year for me was different, i was down to run satge 11 which was 14.60 miles in the dark which again brought nerves to me. As i got going i was getting in to it really well and finding is so surreal especially out running on the road with only myself and a support car behind me chasing the other support cars i can see way into the distance. Unfortunately i cramped up in my calfs with only 3 miles to go and is slowed down an awfull lot, but i kept going knowing i didn’t want to let the team down especially with their huge support before, during and after the run, But i was proud to have finish in 1 hour 46 minutes and finish first male junior on that stage. despite the darkness and the cold air at night, i found that run to be one of the best running experiences i’ve had so far, infact i’ve enjoyed it so much, i was willing to put my name down for the night stages for the next coming years at Round Norfolk Relay, it inspired me that much to take on those kind of undulating challenges.

As October aproached i had entered myself to run the Perkins Great Eastern Run after the year before had giving me alot of inspiration and i coudn’t say no. The weather that day was chucking it down with rain which for me is the perfect weather condition to run in as the air is cool ad makes it easier for my breathing whilst i run, that’s just my personal preference. Unfortunately though the weather was extremly wet, the crowd wasn’t as big as the year before but my main focus was to beat time from the previous yeah i was proud to have beaten it with my overall finishing time of 1 hour 28 minutes and 59 seconds. The frightening thing for me was that next year i would have to work harder and dig deeper to beat that time which at that moment of time i thought i gave everything in just then, but i know i would have to train more and harder to set a new PB. As the year was coming to an end i also got a 10 mile PB Nene Valley 10, having done in 1 hour 9 minutes the year before, i did it in 1 hour 6 mintues 4 seconds which was another proud achivement for me. As 2013 came to an end i unfortunatley didn’t get want i wanted for 5 mile and 10k, for mile i wanted sub 32 minutes and 10k i wanted sub 40 minutes, but i didn’t seem to be able which was frustrating because i knew i could of done it and done better but i think i wasn’t at my best at that time in those distances. However i entered to do Ely New Years Eve 10k with most of the Ramsey Road Runners and having done decent times and Perkins Great Eastern Run and Nene Valley 10, i was more than 100% confident i can achieve sub 40 minutes 10k but the race ended in a bit of controversy for me. The first 2k or so was perfectly fine, i had high hopes of getting under 40 minutes but as 3k came and out in the open the wind was so strong and gusty, it was blowing me about and made it nearly impossible for me to run in, however as i finished i picked up a complete stropp and chucked my cup of water that was given to me into the distance, i was that annoyed about the run with the wind. This made me feel bad about myself and down in not getting what i wished for in 10k and the whole cup throwing incident, i went thorugh phases in my head saying your never gonna do it but i just got to keep believing. However after my cup throwing incident, some of the runners found it as a practical joke especially Gavin Stokes and Darren Paine and still to this day call the incident and me CUPGATE, which i do find funny and amusing, but i suppose that’s what we do at our club we joke around and have a laugh, thats fun of being a Ramsey Road Runner member. So if you ever hear the word CUPGATE from our club thats why.

2014 had arrived quickly and knowing that i’ve been running for around 2 years, i had entered myself into folksworth 15 again as i really enjoyed it the previous year, thinking and knowing that the folksworth 15 in one word is brutal which i think every runner would agree, i felt more confident going into it this time than the year before because i knew what to expect, trained harder and longer and poetentially my legs being use to that kind of distance. As the race got away the weather for that time of year which was in January was warm and sunny without no wind so poetentially perfect running conditions for most runners, it didn’t affect me too much, after a very good first 13 mile all of a sudden i got cramp in my calfs and i slowed down from 6:50 mintue miling to 7:50 minute miling which is a huge loss of time which was extremly gutting because i was due for a decent time. The last hill that we had to run up was nearly impossible for me my clafs were that cramped and tight, it was painfull and in a way brutal, however at the end of the day i was amazed and proud to get a PB still with a time of 1 hour 48 minutes. As the months went on i was running some 5 miles and 10k races but still not getting my targets for those distances which was still frustrating for me, i remember the other runners saying to me why can’t you do those times, your’re more than capable of doing them. I didn’t know why, maybe i wasn’t putting enough effort, was it in my head and wasn’t i pacing it correctly like i do in training because i must admit after those 5 mile and 10k race’s, i was saying too myself ‘ i felt i could of gone alot quicker ‘, i didn’t even feel like i hadn’t put any effort in. From there i just done normal training runs and effort sessions such as sprints, hill efforts and some cross country runs to build my speed and strength up, i was so determined this year i would get PB’S in those distances.

As june approached and went on the peterbourgh grand prix series race at ferry meadows arrived and it was the only one out of the 5 i did and i got a PB on that in 18:39 which gave me some belief and hope, because i thought if i can maintain that pace for another two miles i would get around 31 minutes for 5 miles and if carried on for 1 more mile to make up 10k, i would get around 39 minutes, so that overall boosted my confidence up. A few days before that, the club had entered three teams to compete in the Green Wheel Relay again, only this time Ramsey Rockets the team that consist of myself, Michelle Brett, Lisa Marriott, Darren Paine, Simon Mead, Andrew Brett and Gavin Stokes: finished 2nd overall out of 26 teams with a time of 5 hours 26 minutes 48 seconds, but we were still cheerfull and happy to have won the mixed team category, even celebrated with a few pints which was all fun and laughter. I started the team off running from Peterbourgh Athletics Track to Eye which was orginally 7.2 miles but it turned out to be 8.1 miles, but no one informed me on this change. The weather was hot and humid reaching the early 20’s in temperature and around 10:00 in the morning, luckily for us Libby Mead had very kindly offered to cycle with us whilst we ran our stages and good on her, she done the whole route which was just above 50 miles and cycling non-stop for just under 5 and a half hours, excellant stuff Libby. She got me through my stage by her excellant support and encouragement, despite the heat and the extended anonymous mileage which raised our eyebrows, and i finished the stage in 56 minutes 15 seconds and finished 2nd on that stage which was won by a Nene Valley runner. Andrew Brett and Michelle Brett also filmed the journey of our day including interviewing each runner before their stage and after and believe me, you can tell the difference in body language and looks.The film of our day is on the website or youtube which should inspire viewers on what team relay events are like. Ramsey Road Runners were also delighted for the Ramsey Ladies team to be the quickest ladies team to finish in at time of 8 hours 23 minutes 51 seconds, well done ladies excellant stuff, you know who you where.

July finally arrived and the summer just got hotter, but that still didn’t stop me from entering races. March Spud Run was my next race which was 5 miles and i was hoping to do better than the previous year which i did it in around 34 minutes which was also hot. Despite the heat i finally got what i wanted for 5 mile and did it in 31 minutes 23 seconds, it was such an achiveable moment for me because i’d waited so long to do this time and i finally did it, it was just a matter of time i guessed and self belief, keep saying too yourself you can do it. I was also accomplished to have been awarded a bag potatoes as well as all the other finishers did. About 4 days later me and Darren Paine thought we may as well do the Eye 5 mile charity race for a bit of fun. I was targeting a PB for this race but i was thinking how would still feel from the previous race which was less than a week ago. It was small race, not many runners do it, surprisingly i got another PB for 5 mile in just in the matter of days and broke my PB by 33 seconds and got 30 minutes 50 seconds, another happy moment for me, from there on my confidence and self belief risen to the point of pushing myself to the limits. As July was coming to an end, all the shorter races were all nearly done and that means distance races and training starts again. I thought i may give St Ives 10k a try and see if i can get under my 40 minutes at last, going into the race i knew i would do it because of my 5 mile times, but if i didn’t get under my 40 minutes, i would just stop 10ks because they’re obviously not for me. Despite the cource being flat and all on raod it was still hard because it was round an airfield and it just dragged on and on, that was the hard bit, despite all that hard work i finally got under my 40 minutes in a time of 39 minutes 13 seconds and my reaction was, well it was just like another PB to me, i was over the moon because it took me over a year to get that PB, a long wait but it was worth waiting for. Another good result to add to that, i was the 3rd MU20 .

Throughout August was just long training runs, track work grafham water runs on a friday evening, put all the hard work and mileage in my my upcoming half marathons and for Andrew Brett, Michelle Brett, Darren Pain, Stephen Ashurst and Gavin Stokes who were going to run the Berlin Marathon at the end of September, so they were making the most of it. After a good few weeks of hard work, Grimsthorpe Castle 10k had come around, which is a nice rac because there’s event stalls going on etc, however out of all the days on a bank holiday, it chucked it down but that didn’t stop up from racing. The course on this race is hard due to the hills, off road sections and ironically the finish is off road with a hill. The previous year i did the race, i finished in 43 minutes 20 seconds, but this time i got another sub 40 despite the tricky and undulating course and got 39 minutes 41 seconds also beating some of the clubs best runners including Andrew Brett and in some cases Darren Paine, but the results still came out that he beat me, i had him on line, we still joke around on it to this date, the board probably thought it was bad sportsmenship off me to overtake your own club mate on the line. After a funny finish and a foot long polish sausage as a post match meal, me, Darren, Andrew and Simon attented the awards ceremony thinking we may have won something, we were proudly to be awarded the first 1st male team and on top of that, i was awarded the first MU20 to finish the race, which was the most gifted of results i’ve ever had from all the races i’ve done in the 2 and a half years of running i’ve done and this made me realise i’ve got great poetential to get quicker in the coming yearsalong with inspiration knowing that i can win awards for achieivng such a good result, it’s putting that extra in, the more you put the more you pay off and as always said no pain no gain. Some of us finished the month by doing a recee run of stage 2 for the Round Norfolk Realy which was another nice day out, especially running along the coast, its quite unique. We finsihed the run by Chucking Michelle Brett and Lisa Marriott into the sea as their proposed version of the ice bucket challenge, after that bit of fun we had the traditional Norfolk Fish and Chips after a hard run. Those of you who where there will remember, for life my Cod and Chips moment: ‘ I go can i have Fish and Chips please, the waitress goes do you want Cod or sea bass sir, then i reply no can i have fish please’, all i remember is the other runners laughter right after i said no fish.

September now and all the long distance running begins here starting with Swineshead 10 mile, which again was another hot day with a hilly course but i still got a PB from it and my time was 1 hour 5 minutes 47 seconds which as always after every PB, i was happy even though the course was quite undualting at times, the hot weather didn’t help either, not the perfect running conditions for me this time. Once again Round Norfolk Relay had arrived and it was my 3rd consecutive year of taking part. This year the event had some stages changed involving stage 9, 10 and 11, in which i was running stage 10 which was 14.60, similar distance than the year before. I was actually really excited about it because it involved running in sudden darkness by myself and the support car, along with chasing the other support cars that i can see way into the distance. After another surreal run in the dark and passing 9 runners in total which was an amazing feeling and hills later, i finished the stage in 1 hour 40 minutes 58 seconds, 6 minutes quicker than the year before, i found that statistic unbeliveable, i also finsihed 8th overall on that stage out of 51 runners and i was the 1st mj on the stage, a truly memorable run to remember. I think my result would surprise some of the other teams, i remember when overtaking some of the other runners, the people in their support cars were saying ‘ It’s team number 20’ which i had pinned on my vest, and i turned it was a 19 year old going past them. I must admit it’s nice seeing the other runners though because you then got someone to talk too or say hello quickly after being alone in the dark for so long and you think too yourself ‘At least i’m not the only runner who’s crazy enough to do this’. Overall Ramsey Road Runners had a fantastic event and memorable one, we finished the event in 26 hours 14 minutes 45 seconds and finished 28th out of the 51 teams. Once again there is also a video about our journey on this years event which can be found on the clubs website. Also a special mention to Beth Curtis who stepped in to do stage 12 which was 19.67 at about 2:00am in the morning, excellant stuff. However all the club’s and other runners taking part in the event were shock to hear a sudden passing of a runner who sadly collapsed at the end of stage 4, everyone’s thought were with the runner’s club and family. As September came to an end i was happy to hear that Andrew Brett, Michelle Brett, Darren Paine, Stephen Ashurst and Gavin Stokes completed the Berlin Marathon, after a years worth of training and about 5 pairs of trainers for Gavin, a very nutrtious few months for Darren and hard training from all of them, they were glad it was over. Well done guys, you’re all such an inspiration too me, you make me want to run a marathon which i got one planned for 2016.

Perkins Great Eastern Run was here again, as said before it is may favourite race and i was definately aiming for a PB, i was aiming to get sub 1 hour 25 minutes. As i done most of my training with the marathon lot and some advice given to me, i was running about 30 miles a week in the 2-3 months in prior leading up to the race. After all this hard training and non-stop running, i was felling great and accomplished to have finished the race in 1 hour 23 minutes 44 seconds, 5 minutes quicker than the year before. For me it goes too show that if you put the effort in training and from races you get what you wanted to achieve for and there’s not a better felling than this. At the end of the month i was happy to get a 10 mile PB at Fenland 10, in which the year before i got injured at this race, so i was hoping to break that barrier and actually finish the race this time and despite being very windy i finished it in 1 hour 4 minutes. Just recently i got a 5 mile PB at Bushfield Frostbite which was treated like a 5k sprint from all of the runners, some say it’s a quick course, some say it isn’t, it’s what you find quick i suppose. After this quick 5 mile sprint, i was amazed to do it in sub 30 minutes and do 29 minutes 50 seconds and breaking the sub 6 minute miling barrier, thats the first time i’ve ever brkone that barrier in a race.

That is all my running up until now and i’m still training hard but not as much mileage. For the rest of year i’ve got Hereward Relay, Nenve Valley 10, BRJ Frostbite and maybe the Waterside 5 mile. I target some more PB’S in these races in what has been a great year of running for me and aim to just to do as well and maybe better next year and for all the years to come in which is only the beginning for me.

What running has done for me is that it has changed me as a person, it’s made me become more confident, out going and it has given me a sense of achievement. I think what has kept me running and would keep me carrying on running for the rest of my life, is not only my passion, enthuiasm and love for running, but my shere determination and motivation in wanting to suceed and get better in running. When i hit the older stages of my life and would probably be doing less running is i can look back on my life in running and say i done this and done thats, i believe running is something to be proud about. Not only that it’s all the members of Ramsey Road Runners who’ve kept me running by their friendship, happiness, encouragement and kindness, in my opinion we’re all like a family and it is a great pleasure to be a part of that family with the Ramsey Road Runners. Running has also made me make more close friends in which we sometimes have social gatherings together and i must admit, it’s strange seeing them not wearing running clothes. Running has also changed my appetite, as when i didn’t run, i would just eat junk every day and drink coca cola everyday, but now i rather have a bannana over a chocolate bar and coca cola is probaly a weekly or every couple of weeks treat. It has also given me sense on how to look after your health and body by not boozing and eating junk, but eating the right stuff and believe me or not i do like to eat but most of the time it’s good stuff. But usually after a big long training run or race i usually treat myself to a big pizza, a bag of sweets and coca cola, not beer because i rarely drink, only on special occasions. Overall i would like to thank the club members for having me in as a member, even though i’m alot younger, but i’m sure they like the fact there’s a soon to be 20 year old member at the club who like’s to hang around and have joke around with them. Running is now a set routine in my life in which it does if you believe and have targets, you gotta work for them but if you work hard for those targets you get what you have trained for and thats how you get the sense of joy and belief of achivement. I’ve now started to do alot of cross training in order to work on different muscles, it’s just something different from running, i swim, hope to start cycling soon as i would like to do some triathlons and duathlons in the future, i also do boot camp along with Darren, Andrew and Gavin and i’ve also started personal training with PT Chris Harlock who get me to focus on strength and condtioning to help for my running. In which he gets me to focus on core strength, balancing, weights but related running and building more strength.

And for now i would just like to keep on running and running with my running buddies and the sunday run crew as well as enjoying my full time job at the same time.

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  1. Excellent first blog Shaun. If you look at how much you have achieved in a few short years. It is nothing compared to what is ahead of you as a challenge. You have got another 50 years plus to catch up with Tony. :o)

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