2014 Race Review by Lisa Marriott

So here is a brief race log that highlights my second year of competitive running with the Ramsey Road Runners in which I won the 2014 Cambs County Road Race league;

5.8k, 15th position

A very wet and muddy priory park where I can remember wearing road running shoes whilst all other runners seemed to be wandering round in spikes. At this point I wasn’t full of confidence and my lack of experience was about to show!
So I did infact spend the majority of the race slipping and slidding and finished a disappointing 15th (reserve) just missing out on qualification. A lesson was learnt!.. well done to my great team mate Beth Curtis who also turned up to battle it out in the mud.

25th OVERALL, 1st LADY- 40 MINS

So I begin my venture to run sub 40 10ks just as I had done in 2013.However,although a very fast course,horizontal rain and freezing conditions proved a challange and I landed on the line dead on 40 minutes (kind of frustrating). Absolutely soaked and without much feeling in my legs I couldn’t wait to get under the heat lamps that they had provided for us in the pits. A jolly day out other than that and thanks Simon Render for the taxi !

20th OVERALL, 2nd LADY- 1.31.37

The challenge this year to run sub 90 minute half marathons again proved difficult during this event where again the wind was at its best. A multi terrain course that exhausted me and I really did struggle the last 2 miles but happy to get my first HM of the year done and dusted and against some decent female runners.

7th OVERALL, 2nd LADY- 1.31.46

A very tough race with two long vertical hills! (as well as a few others) and I hated it!!..it was a painful slog and made me feel like I never wanted to race again!…lactic acid in the legs and hyperventilating was not for me a good experience. Thankfully I was towed along by a nene valley runner who encouraged me round to the bitter end to finish a defeated 2nd lady.

23.03.14 THORNEY 10k
23rd OVERALL, 1st LADY-39.57

This is the race I really wanted to win and was determined to go sub 40. I set out at about 5.50ish pace with a fellow runner and ended up with a minor tear in my calf by mile 1. Way to fast and I payed the price, however pure stubbornness not to stop and finish the race made me run through the pain to the end where I just scrapped under 40 minutes-phew!! I was hopping lame but satisfied with my result… job done !

06.04.14 CAMBORNE 10k
39th OVERALL, 2nd LADY- 41.21

So I shouldn’t really be here due to calf injury, but again stubbornness wins the day and im racing again!..a tough race, mainly hated it and was exhausted at 7k. Happy to finish 2nd lady in the time that I did.
Glad that was over !

12th OVERALL, 1st LADY- 33.24

This race was hard work on rough terrain and I was glad to see the finish line-Enough said ! ..but winning it felt good!

04.05.14 FENDRAYTON 10k
11th OVERALL, 1st LADY- 40.39

I like this race its fairly local and runs along a guided bus route for much of it so not to harsh on the legs..I also favour this race as I have won it 2 years in a row (not trophy hunting at all!). My aim to run it quicker than last year which I duly did and thankfully my legs where feeling better due to help of fellow team mate Steve Burton who gave me some extremely painful sports massage !

11.05.14 EYE 10k
54th OVERALL, 5th LADY-41.17

I hated every minute of this race it felt like a slog the whole way through, just wasn’t my day, I had to get it done though as it was a County league race in which I had high hopes for. Howver,Was nice in the end to discover that placings went up to 5th ..another trophy!..happy days 🙂

18th OVERALL, 2nd LADY- 1.32.56

A hot day but enjoyed the race amonst some great runners, I ran slightly quicker than last year so was pleased although still wasn’t able to go the sub 90 I was hoping for on a flat course like this was slightly frustrating. 2nd lady was good enough as I’d only managed 4th last year.

15.06.14 HUNTS 10k
21st OVERALL, 3rd LADY-40.41

I really enjoyed this race, it was competitive, lots of runners and an uphill finish that lasted a kilometer makes it a really testing course. I was pleased to improve on last years time and the highlight had to be getting presented with a mini fire extinguisher by the great John Major himself!.. what a treat !

STAGE 3- 51.03

Awesome team effort and always a fun packed crazy day out with the Ramsey Road Runners!!. I love these relays and watching Gavin do his robot arms sprint finish is always a highlight of the day. Running stage 3 was a mission though with the off road bits that seem to go for miles and miles. Great credit to Libby Mead who did an amazing job cycling all stages with us. To top the day off we won the mixed team prize. Such a great effort by everyone to complete these events.

16th OVERALL, 1st LADY- 32.11

A great race picking up first lady prize and team mate Michelle Brett picking up 2nd (girl power)..and always fun when you win a bag of spuds at the end 🙂

20.07.14 ST IVES 10k
44th OVERALL, 5th LADY-40.25

A very competitive race in what seems like to take forever to run down an RAF runway and then back again!.. not one of my favourite 10ks but I managed to pick up a good time although much of the race felt like a struggle :-/

27.97.14 LITTLEPORT 10k
21st OVERALL, 1st LADY- 40.56

Back to reclaim my title although running it a minute slower in what seemed like a hotter day than last year…trophy hunting again !

17.08.14 THORNEY 5 MILES
29th OVERALL, 1st LADY -31.39

This was my best short race of the year very pleased with the way I ran beating a decent Bedford Harrier runner at the finish by 1 second !.. however, frustratingly a bit slower than last year’s time.

31st OVERALL, 3rd LADY- 1.07.05
After travelling with Simon, Jevan and Nathan (such fun) I felt somewhat car sick and it was also a hot day. The race starts uphill and I was already exhausted after 4 miles!. The rest of the race was a mental battle and wanting to walk at the 7 mile mark was not good news for me. It was good to see the Ramsey men running so well though and improving with every race. Two ciders was needed straight after this race and to top it I received a very orignal 3rd lady prize (hand blender) that I very kindly donated to my mother for her babysitting duties.

51st OVERALL, 5th LADY – 1.30.22

My local race and PB course, desperate to run sub 90 I didn’t hang about and found myself upsides Phillipa Taylor for the first 2 miles!!, by 5 miles I was done, I’d had enough, not sure how I ran that race but it was awful. Last year was amazing running 1.26 and loving it. I think I tried to hard and blew it this year, however I did win my age category and wasn’t far off sub 90 so another one bites the dust…

20.09.14 RNR STAGE 2
This was my first ever race longer than half marathon distance and I was keen to get another stage record. Having run well and enjoyed the majority of the race the last few miles along the river bank felt like torture. I managed to beat the record by about a minute until a GB triathlete came along and smashed it by about 5 minutes !!..fair play. Another amazing experience and thankyou to the rest of the club for all their efforts in getting us round..for me to just turn up and run was I expect the easy bit !

19.10.14 THURLOW 10
14th OVERALL, 2nd LADY- 1.08.40
Lots of mud and hills but a nicely organised and friendly race, very little road to run on.. the second half of the race was a slog and I was suffering…I finished a well beaten second.It didn’t feel like a good race as I ran on my own for most of it which made it feel like even more of an effort.

26.10.14 FENLAND 10
43rd OVERALL, 4th LADY- 1.06.39

My first Fenland 10 and boy it was windy, the last league race of the year so had to get it done. This is now my fastest 10 mile race on record but have yet to run one where there are no hills, mud or windy conditions to contend with!. Happy though I won the Age Category prize in what seemed to be a very competitive race.

22nd OVERALL, 1st LADY- 1.10.11

I loved this race and enjoyed every bit of running in the mud and the rain. The highlight for me was to over take Eddie (Admin does not approve of this comment) and get the ladies team back before the old boys team or we would have never have heard the end of it..Once that pressure was off I just ran and enjoyed it overtaking about 17 or 18 runners was a real confidence boost to keep the pace up. I think the biggest effort of the day goes to the Ramsey Rockets Team who throughout the year have been the runners of most consistency and improvement than all of us…well done to the boyz you are all awesome 😉